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The Need for a Senior in Deeni Matters and the Manner of Correcting Situations


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 30th November)

Western education shows us only external aspects of life, but Islamic education shows us the external and it also changes our outlook and mentality. It brings about mental discipline. However, this comes when you constantly consult with your elders. Hadhratjee (rahimahullah) would say that the corruption and problems that we have nowadays is on account of people not having any senior and guide. Each person feels that he is not questionable since there is no one above him. Even a small home cannot operate and function if there is no head. It has to have a head to move in the right direction. Among the reasons for the success of the tableegh jamaat is that they do the work for no material gain and benefit, and secondly they listen to what the ameer has to say; everything has to pass through him.

Man naturally looks for a role model and someone to follow. If he does not have this then it will be the media and environment that will rule his life. He will then want the latest fashion and follow what the rest of the people are doing. In worldly matters we agree that we need to have a head and senior to gain direction, but it is only in deen that we feel that there is no need to have a senior. In the past, people would just listen to what their elders had said to them without any reservations even if it was an elder brother who told the younger brother to do something.

There is a procedure in correcting a person. If we go against the procedure then it will only create fitnah and problems. Going against the procedure and adopting a hard approach is only for those who are divinely assisted, for if they adopt a harsh approach then through the aid of Allah Ta‘ala there will be no fitnah that will come about. The problem nowadays is that we like to spectate and look to see who is being insulted and smashed down. Hence, are we reading these articles for deeni reasons or for enjoyment? Will we ever enjoy reading about our father being disgraced?

The correct procedure of correction is to address and speak to the person directly. If you haveno authority and you make it public then you can face a lawsuit. If taken out in public then the public will get confused and they will lose confidence in the ‘Ulama, and this is what is happening nowadays. Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) also corrected others, but he did not use vulgar language and lose his akhlaaq. If it is something in your place that is necessary and you cannot seem to get through then make your own arrangements. If the person is doing most of it right and has a certain amount of wrong then it is incorrect to rule the person out completely. As a senior, one is not supposed to be chasing people away, but to bring them closer. This was the way of our elders. They avoided causing any split in the Ummah.

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