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Working Gracefully and the need for Associating with the Mashaayikh


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 25th January)

1. The hadeeth advises that one should occasionally relax the mind. The mind gets exhausted just as the body gets exhausted. Sometimes the exhaustion piles up and one then explodes. So if you find that you are becoming exhausted in a situation and the situation is getting serious then end it off as there will be no end to such situations and discussion since each person wants to have the last say.

2. One is to impress the opposite party and the other is to get the point across. What you need to achieve is the right goals and merely get the point across. Therefore, for most people it is better not to get into discussions and debates as each person does not want his ego to be trampled.

3. In any deeni work you will have to work gracefully and gradually in order for it to remain and last. You will have to gain the confidence of those being addressed. Even when working in a home you will have to work on a love-path and not a warpath. Normally we try to find faults in the person and run the person down. So, rather than doing that, look at your own weaknesses and faults and instead of polishing others, first polish yourself.

4. Companionship gives you the true taste and maturity of deen, but it has to be for a long period of time. Look at our elders. They remained for a long period of time in the company of their mashaayikh and thereafter only did Allah Ta‘ala allow them to shine. Without spending that time you will get the wrong end and understanding of deen. Sometimes you will not have your priorities right, and things that are less important will be counted as necessary and important.

5. If all of us could understand our positions then most of our problems will be solved. We should remain where we are and not assume what we are not. This again will come when we sit in the company of our pious elders and mashaayikh. After sitting for a long time in their company one will get the nisbat. You will think as they think and do as they do. Now such a person is strong. Unfortunately, we fail to understand this. Though many have sincerity, but there is no constant line of action. Deen thereafter becomes like natural. It is just like having a meal. You do not need anyone to explain any fazaa’il and virtues for meals. If it is not prepared a big fight is created. On the other hand, no question is asked as to why was tahajjud not performed, why was tilaawat not made etc.

6. Deen is all about priorities. One needs to understand what comes first and what comes second. In deen, everything has a time and occasion, but we need to understand what deen is. In the past, people laid more emphasis on reformation than on acquiring knowledge. When we do not have a value system then we are creating a monster for ourselves. Sometimes parents spoil their children and what was once a privilege is now considered as a right. When the child becomes used to this then later on in life such children become a problem for their spouses. If a privilege is taken as a privilege and a right as a right then there a balance will be maintained.

7. Some people think that Islam does not have any procedure, whereas Islam teaches us that we should adopt whatever is necessary and take intellectual procedures and thereafter assign our affair to Allah Ta`ala. If things thereafter turn out against you and then you say that Allah is sufficient, then there is nothing wrong. Even while living in this non-Muslim country, if there is a problem facing the community we should not just start ranting and fighting. Instead, adopt whatever legal procedures are required and take the case forward. In doing so the non-Muslims will respect us and recognise that these are not an unruly class of people.

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