Deen stands for Purity


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 1st February)

Deen speaks for honesty and truth. It also comes from the word ‘diyaanat’ which means truthfulness and purity. When Islam speaks of purity and cleanliness it refers to all types of cleanliness, not only physical and apparent cleanliness. It also refers to the cleanliness in imaan, dealings, akhlaaq and character. Why do we make istighfaar? To cleanse ourselves. It is like the filth within the body. You need to remove it in order to function correctly. Therefore, Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) used to make the du‘aa ‘wa zakkiha anta khayru man zakkaha’ (Purify my soul). Hence, we need to cleanse and purify ourselves. But it is such a discreet thing that even after cleansing oneself you cannot think yourself to be clean. You may be viewing it from one angle and not another. It is only Allah Ta‘ala who knows who is pure and clean. Therefore, praise is for Allah alone.

Normally when one is attracted to something due its beauty, then it’s mainly on account of colour and shape. We go mad and head over heels just for these two things. This is the magnificence of Allah Ta‘ala. Why do you pay so much just for one tile? It is just the colour and shape. The beauty and excellence that we have is not ours; it belongs to Allah Ta‘ala. It is just on loan.

Our problem is that at times we try to assume the role of Allah Ta‘ala. Allah has asked us to look at His beauty, but only in some aspects and not all. Your father asks you to look at him and follow him. This does not mean that you should look at him in all occasions, such as in the toilet or while undressing. So Allah says in certain matters you won’t look at His beauty, such as strange women, young lads, etc. Similarly, He has asked us to enjoy His bounties, but in some respects and not all. You will enjoy your wealth, but not the wealth of others.

Even the goodness that you have within you is the blessing of Allah Ta‘ala. It is not your personal achievement. It is a favour, not a personal right. When you are not clear about any matter then do not clear it by yourself. Clear it through adopting the correct procedures. In worldly matters we do not take a chance and clear things by ourselves, instead we refer it to someone who has expertise in it, so why don’t we apply this in deen. The bottom line is that we have to understand what needs to be shown importance.

Sometimes we don’t get what we ask for, but we do not know the secrets of the unseen. What we don’t get is to our advantage, not to our disadvantage. It will take some time for the mystery to unravel. A normal person who acquires wealth later in life thinks to himself since that I did not have this money to enjoy when I was young I must give it to my children, but then all hell breaks loose. Hence, he thought that the money was the solution but he did not know that it was to his disadvantage.

If there is anything that is an obstruction, then it is the impurity in our eyes, ears, hearts etc. that is blocking the good from coming to us. For example, you are absolutely sure that there the home has electrical supply, but the stove is not working. So the problem is with the stove and stove needs to be repaired. The same applies to us; the blessings of Allah Ta`ala are there, but the blockage is on our end.

The heart of a mu’min is so great that the buzurgs say that the heavens and earth cannot contain Allah, but if there is anything that contains Him then it is the heart. Therefore, the honour and respect of a mu’min is greater than the honour of the Ka’bah. So our hearts have to be clean with regards to our relationship with Muslims. There should be no ill-feelings, hatred etc. The heart should also be cleansed from incorrect aspects pertaining to our beliefs etc.

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