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The Downfall of the Ahle Kitaab


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 15th February)

1. A revert Muslim who previously was a pastor visited me. While discussing with him he said that he had asked his bishop that when the Bible declares swine as impermissible and forbidden, then why do Christians eat pork. He replied that in reality the Bible was addressed to the Israelites i.e. the Banu Israaeel who were the Jews, and the law applies to them. So Christianity is a completion of Judaism, but the failure on the part of the Israelites was that most of them rejected ‘Esa (‘alaihis salaam). The Muslim revert then asked the bishop that if it is addressed only for the Israelites then why we (the non-Israelites) follow Christianity. The reality is that the Christians had distorted their scriptures both in the words and meanings i.e. explanation and tafseer. Laws were also distorted and changed. The Jews also did the same.

2. What happened in Christianity is that a wholesale distortion took place. Some may be thinking that we are in the khanqah but the talk is about comparative religion. The reason is that the khanqah is not only for zikr and ‘ibaadat; it is for reconditioning the mind and understanding. Sometimes there can be a corruption in the mind and this leads to more problems. So where did this distortion start from? It started from Paul. When he was asked about swine, he said: “You are more concerned of what is going in and you are not concerned of what comes out.” So he created a permissive attitude. Everything goes and is allowed as long as you declare yourself to be a Christian. We Muslims, on the other hand are totally distinct.

3. Many a times we play games with Allah Ta‘ala and are doing some sort of a bribery with Him. We will contribute to deeni avenues and then think that when we are doing this then we can continue with all other haraam. The Quraan speaks of two groups; the first being maghdhoob ‘alayhim – they incurred the wrath of Allah Ta‘ala. The reason for this was that they did the wrong despite knowing it to be wrong. So this invites the anger of Allah Ta‘ala since it is as if you consider Him as non-existent. The other group was dhaalleen – they were the misguided and lost ones because they did not worry about finding the truth; they were unconcerned. Hence, both approaches are incorrect and wrong.

4. The frightening thing is that whatever had happened to the Banu Israaeel will happen to this Ummah as predicted by Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) that both Ummats will be identical as one shoe resembles the other. The game that they had gone into was legitimising and legalising. So this is the very same thing that is happening nowadays, that whatever seems to be difficult should be removed and allowed.

5. If something is wrong then don’t try to legitimise it. Confess your wrong and admit it. Many a times what happens is that when we try to justify and manipulate the wrong it becomes insignificant and the consequences are very serious. The pleasure and enjoyment of life is lost. When the haraam is left for the sake of Allah Ta‘ala, then it will be as if a mountain has been shifted from your shoulders. If you don’t have the heart to leave the wrong then at least acknowledge to Allah Ta‘ala that you are wrong and beg Allah Ta‘ala for His forgiveness and be grateful for His favours. If this is done daily before sleeping, then if such a person has to pass away thereafter insha-Allah his sins will be forgiven. But if one continues justifying his sins and passes away in this state then the consequences are quite serious.

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