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Employing Personal Reasoning in Deeni Matters and Unconditional Submission


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 22nd February)

Many a times when a person tries to explain something of deen using his own reasoning it turns out to be wrong. If you do not know something then say that you do not know. Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) himself said that he does not know when he was asked what was the greatest spot on earth. The malaaikah themselves announced that there they have no knowledge except for that which Allah had blessed them with. Imaam Maalik (rahimahullah) was such a great imaam, yet it is reported that at times in a single sitting in reply to 30 to 40 questions he would say, “I do not know.” If they could say it, then what is so hard for us to say the same? If we adopt this approach then 70 to 80 percent of our problems would be solved.

Every person looks for justification in the Quraan and hadeeth, but this is not the way to go about doing things. This was the way of the Jews and Christians. Each one created a standard of success for themselves. The Jews would say that you have to be Jew to enter Jannah and you can only be a Jew if you are born a Jew. They made nationality a base. The Christians said that you can only enter Jannah if you are a Christian. But Allah Ta`ala has also laid down a standard of success: ‘balaa man aslama wajhahu lillaah’ – the one who submits and surrenders himself to Allah alone.

Man’s reasoning is flawed and can always be answered. Hence, the simple answer for people who seek the reasons for the commands of Allah is that this is the command of Allah and nothing further. Don’t use your reasoning against the commands of Allah. For a small constitution of the country, will you go to the constitutional court and offer your suggestions? No. But when it comes to the command of Allah you wish to offer your suggestions and thoughts. The reason for this attitude is that we cannot see Allah and we do not understand the majesty of Allah.

If something is permissible in essence but it then leads to haraam then the means will also be regarded as haraam. Look at digital photography. Despite the differences that may exist, but through one practising it, it will lead others to think that all types of photography is permissible and it will thus lead to haraam.

Submitting should be for the sake of Allah and not due to pressure. It should be unconditional and not for any convenience. When there is unconditional submission then one’s beliefs will be right, and it allow him entry into Jannah. However, it is not a guarantee that you will get direct entry into Jannah. Nobody wants a delay. So the condition for direct entry is to conform and Allah will give it directly. So one is to get your beliefs right and the second is to get your actions, your character and dealings right. Then you will get the direct entry into Jannah without any delay.

In this world, shaytaan tries to put stray thoughts into your mind. So don’t entertain them and don’t pay attention to them. Imaan is like the road and shaytaan is like the dogs and donkeys barking and braying on the side. If you pay attention to him, it will make him stronger. So focus on the road. In this way you will get the assistance of Allah, and sometimes the assistance will be by the means of a good dream or seeing a noor or an angel. But here again don’t get stuck with that. Focus ahead and focus on your goal which is Allah Ta‘ala.

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