Begging Allah and the Importance of Consulting


Sunday, 27 April 2014 10:56

(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 19th April)

1. Allah Ta‘ala wants that we ask of Him and He wants to grace us, but are we appreciative and do we also long for Him. His treasures are never short, but do we show Him that we really need Him. One of the greatest sins is when man shows a don’t-care attitude. At no time should we assume the form of a person who does not care and is not concerned.

2. The correct way is that we consult when we require direction. We should not act by our own judgement. Further, when consulting one should consult with those who are competent, not anyone and everyone. Don’t take an independent decision as this is extremely dangerous as with the passage of time one begins to feel that why should I subject myself to others and listen to others. This is borne out in several aayaat of the Quraan Majeed. Hence, when we are faced with any important matter we should consult. Further, the person being consulted should look at the interest of the person asking.

3. The downfall of Muslims is their unconcerned attitude. As one reaches the age of 35 to 40 one needs to think of the future and not only of himself, but think of what one has passed on to one’s children. Have they received true values? A person becomes valuable because of the values he has within him, and strip him off the values then he becomes valueless. It is like honey; without the sweetness, it becomes valueless.

4. In a marriage relationship and likewise in the prosperity of imaan there are four main components:

(1) Loyalty – the wife is loyal to her husband. She abandons her friends and her likes for the husband.

(2) Commitment – she is committed to serving her husband.

(3) Being pleased and pleasing others – The wife is happy to be with her husband without any regret and she conducts herself in a manner that pleases him.

(4) Patience – in anything that relates to this world there has to be the ups and downs. So keep focused on Allah Ta‘ala and accept whatever comes your way.

These very same four components will also apply to one’s imaan. You are loyal to Allah, His Rasul (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam), and deen. Further, you are committed to Deen and fulfil what is required, whether it is to your taste or not. Then everything is done for the pleasure of Allah Ta`ala, and whatever circumstances prevail you are pleased with the decision of Allah.

5. ‘Ibaadat is not done for excitement and thrill. The primary thing is to do it as you are supposed to be doing it. The same applies to a marriage. At first it is excitement. After a few years all the adventure ends. If the person feels that he still needs the adventure then this is wrong. Once the spouses reach the age of 35 to 40 they need to see what has been done thus far for themselves and the family. Nowadays, at this age a person is worried about visiting the gym and shaping the body etc., but how long will it last? At such a time one needs to look at his future.  Try and administer the level of one’s personal deen and family’s deen.

6. The last part of the night is when Allah announces to man to come and take from His vast treasures. But what happens is that the alarm may ring but we will turn to the other side, as if telling Allah to give us a chance to sleep. We are not concerned. On the other hand, Allah is totally independent. He does not require us. In this day and time the problem is that there is nobody that is crying to Allah. The routine and formality is there, but the reality is not there.

7. A very important aspect in our lives is halaal income, more especially before the month of Ramadhaan. Likewise, we should see to it that we settle all huqooqul ‘ibaad (rights that are due to people) which we have trampled. This covers four areas; physical abuse, mental abuse, verbal abuse, and emotional abuse. It should not matter as to whether others have settled what is due to you or not. Be concerned about what you are supposed to be doing. The amount means nothing to Allah; it is the quality that counts.

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