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The Indispensability of Islam


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 20th September)

1. Islam is the vehicle of Allah Ta‘ala and He will ensure that it continues till the end of time. Anybody who comes in its way will be crushed. If you board it then it is to your advantage and if you remain out of it then you will remain stranded. But your boarding onto it will not add any more beauty to Islam. It does not require any additional beauty. Rather, it lends towards your beauty. If you jump off then it is not a train smash, for Allah Ta‘ala will fill up this train of Islam with others who Allah loves and they love Allah.

2. When Abdul Muttalib went to Abraha, Abraha was amazed that he came to negotiate for his animals that were taken and not to negotiate regarding the destroying of the Ka’bah. So Abdul Muttalib replied that the Ka’bah has its own Rabb who will take care of it. There will always be those who will come in the way of Islam. We hear of all the incidents that are taking place and then fear and panic overcome us. We should remember that Islam cannot be destroyed. Most of the time, the information that we get is from the media that is controlled by the kuffaar and their whole motive is to create panic and fear and tarnish the reputation of Islam and the Muslims.

3. The Quraan has instructed that we break off our relationship with Jews, Christians, etc. It starts off initially very mild, but kufr has an attraction of its own and though it starts off innocently, it does not stop there. From their clothing, it moves to their ways, culture, and mannerisms. Thus, we find that now women are asked to go out of the home and also earn. This is not Islamic culture and mannerism. The problem is that man no more understands true and real values. The only value that he knows is monetary value. In a home situation, the main thing is the interior of the home. If the outside is beautiful but the interior, the electricity, water, etc. are not in order then what is the use of the home. On the other hand, the interior is in order, but the outside is not too splendid, the house is still liveable and comfortable. We should not mix up things. We send our daughters to school, whether it is a Muslim school or not, but are we worried about the level of their hayaa etc. So where did this come from? It came from the fact that we took these aspects from non-Muslims.

4. Today’s fitnah is that everything must look Islamic, irrespective of whether it is really Islamic or not. We have changed the names of interest to ‘penalty on deferred payment’. We speak about gambling being haraam, but then there is no difference between it and the so called ‘halaal’ insurance that we find nowadays. Let us confess our wrong, instead of justifying our wrongs. If we confess, then one day we will get the taufeeq and ability of leaving out the wrong. This is the outstanding aspect of ‘Sayyidul Istighfaar’. A person says “aboo’u laka”. You are confessing of your wrong and this is what Allah Ta‘ala loves.

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