The Test of this Life and Remaining Committed to the way of our Akaabir


Saturday, 29 November 2014 14:43

(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 1st November)

Allah Ta‘ala says that He has made us successors on earth. There is no void and vacuum of people at any given time. Hence, it is a manifestation of Allah Ta‘ala’s beauty. There is nobody present here today who was here 100 years ago, and from the present time nobody will be alive in 100 years. So in this whole equation, what Allah is saying that we have a very brief stay and the purpose is to test and examine man: “liyabluwakum fee maa aataakum” in the gifts and favours that Allah has bestowed him with. And the real test is in the different ranks given to some over the other; one person is more popular and someone is not known. It is a test in the gifts of Allah, whether a person will become boastful or not.

The correct way to view our position is that we should feel that we are the conduits and means of the gems of Allah Ta‘ala. So the work of the conduit is that it should not be feeling that these gems belong to itself, but rather it is merely the means; it does not have the control over these gems. Whatever we see is not ours, the more we understand this, the more we are on line.

The reason for the things in this world becoming complicated is that everyone wants to give his own two pence. He gets half information, and he does not know how to use it. So it will definitely bring about destruction. That is why our buzurgaan-e-deen say: “Don’t leave your own way, and don’t interfere with others.” This means that you should stick to the ways of our pious ‘Ulama which you see that have given them their acceptance and success, though on the other side you have the ways of others that may catch the eye. Don’t leave the original way. The one who is still alive you do not know if he has an agenda or where he may slip. Someone is new and coming with new ideas, then think, is it safe to risk our imaan. You have not seen his plan. Compare a tableeghi jamaat style, it is an old-fashioned style, where all sit on the floor, there are no posters, etc. But if you analyse the whole thing, they have a plan. A capable businessman said that you have two levels; you plan your work and the other is to work your plan. Merely planning is half the job.

Some speak about marches and boycotting. They had asked me what I feel about it. I told them that you need a forward plan. We understand that people are in a state of desperation and they need to express their emotions. So we have to allow the person. But at the same time we have to understand that the people you are opposing, they also a have a plan. They understand that they will crush you, so they will start their oppression. Then when all the marching and boycotting starts they will stop for the moment. But then because there are no substitutes for their businesses and products they know that they you have to go back to them. So after doing this and making the people boycott, what is the forward plan. You brought the people to the heights but then you just left them there. Now compare this to an ijtimaa’. They have a forward plan; they look at the different classes of people and plan accordingly in advance. It is not just the passing of some resolution and that’s all. When the whole ijtimaa’ has ended, all the levels are picking up. So you plan your work and work the plan.

There were many South African students studying in India in the past and they used to have a conference every year. On one occasion it was held in Saharanpur. So they had to visit Hazrat Shaikh (rahmatullahi ‘alaih). Hazrat was very compassionate and concerned for students, for the students are the ones marketing what you have. It is as though they are products of this dealership. People will look at them and make a commitment. One day he asked them how many conferences they had thus far and they answered him. He then asked how many resolutions were passed and they gave the amount. He finally asked them as to how many were implemented. Everyone had their heads down. Now compare this to an ijtimaa’. Even before it can start, preparations for sending out so many jamaats are made, so many khatams are to be made, etc. So what you have by you, hold firm to it, whether it is the khanaqah or jamaat work. As good as the presentation of others may seem, but stick to the way of your elders.

Having half knowledge is dangerous. Just put on your blinkers and humble yourself and then move forward. Then you will be successful. Just follow the style of the old akaabir and mashaayikh. It may look simple but in this is success. We have to show Allah Ta‘ala the level of our commitment to deen. When we were right the entire world bowed down to us, but now when they see that we are following their ways then they do not bow down to us. So when we show a high level of commitment to Allah, He will give us that glory and respect. We don’t want to leave out riba, gambling and other evils but we still want all the glory. Allah will tell us that you are doing everything that the kaafir does then what is the reason for giving preference to you.

Happiness at one level is commendable but when it reaches the height then it leads to boastfulness. Sometimes people say don’t judge me. But your behaviour shows what you are. A person says you don’t know what is in my heart. It is like someone who trespasses into your yard. You won’t wait to see what he is doing, you will chase him out. His action shows what his intentions are.

When a person has nothing he does not speak out, but when he gets something and some popularity then he starts speaking out even if he does not understand the subject. Yet it is so simple to tell people that you do not know. Imaam Maalik (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) who was the imaam of Madinah would many a times in one sitting say “I don’t know” thirty to forty times. There is nothing more effective than being submissive and humble. Allah Ta‘ala ushers into His grace and embraces that person who is humble and submissive. So the path to Allah is so simple.

What you need to be happy with, is with the grace of Allah and His mercy. This refers to the Quraan and the teaching of Nabi (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam). So this is what you should be expressing happiness for. It is far much better than the wealth that you amass. Why is it far better? The hadeeth says that the whole world is a curse, so it is nowhere near the mercy of Allah. So whatever is its opposite will bring you to the mercy of Allah. So the hadeeth says except zikrullah and an ‘Aalim. So only an ‘Aalim who can take you to Allah is fit to be called an ‘Aalim. The other is zikrullah. So either make the zikr or if you do not know how to do the zikr then take the instruction of the one who knows. We misconstrue zikrullah to be pulling a tasbeeh. But the actual meaning is to understand at any given time what will please Allah.

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