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Securing the Nisbat and Link with Allah Ta‘ala


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 15th November)

1. On one occasion, Hazrat Shaikh Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) wrote a letter to Hazrat Moulana Raipuri (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) without his father’s knowledge. When his father Moulana Yahya (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) came to know of it, he reprimanded him saying: “Your father is still alive and you have already hoisted the flag of independence.” Thereafter when he was a little older, around the age of 19 or so, he went for a few days to Raipur to spend in the company of Hazrat Raipuri (rahmatullahi ‘alaih). Whilst there, he wrote to his father saying that he was missing him a lot. Moulana Yahya (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) wrote back saying that you need the care and direction of your senior as long as you are not firm in your nisbat.

Once you are firm then you will no longer need that level of guidance. The word used was nisbat. The meaning of it is for one to take shape and connect with Allah Ta‘ala. When you are younger and you are not very deeply connected with Allah Ta‘ala then you will be swayed by all the types of influences around – media, friends, etc. You cannot say that you will not be influenced, as each person and article has its own agenda and train of thought. Hence, the original thing for a believer is to get the correct shape and colour with Allah Ta‘ala. After that, nothing can distract him. It is like a young stem that is sprouting out from the ground. It is very delicate and precious, so you give it all the type of support in order that it does not get destroyed by the wind and flood. Then when it comes up, sturdy and firm on its trunk it no longer requires the support. In exactly the same manner is the condition of man. Any type of influence can affect him, like winds blowing from all directions. If one is in an environment of materialism he gets influenced. Therefore, the correct thing is to build and instil values in one’s child. When people around talk in a certain way, then you must get influenced. In the environment that we are living in, a lot of emphasis is placed on materialism.  All of us will reprimand anybody who moves away from this mindset, and say that he does not have any future etc. What makes us speak like that? The environment. However, when this becomes a prominent feature in a person then we will respect him, but if we really inspect it then the real thing is values.

2. Someone had asked me regarding the building of a pool. I replied that it requires a lot of responsibility because you will have to assume the responsibility and blame of whatever will take place. Islam itself does not discourage these things, but after looking at the direction that we are moving in nowadays, I have an aversion to some of these things.

3. A few days before his wedding, a son had sworn at his mother due to some differences they had. Imagine all the joy and happiness that she was experiencing up until now, but after this incident she will outwardly seem to be happy, but will she be happy from within? Inner happiness is a different thing. The whole world is going in different directions to get it, but by means of the outer glitter and glamour. However, for the true happiness we need to instil true and real values.

4. At times it takes around forty to fifty years to gain a true relationship with Allah Ta‘ala. It is like a fruit that gets ripe; you cannot make it unripe, or it is like a person who becomes mature; he cannot become immature again. So when you do get this connection with Allah Ta‘ala it is very unlikely that such a person will fall into wrong. And if he does fall into some evil then he will come out of it very quickly. Such a person will feel uneasy and you cannot use anything else to overcome that feeling. The procedure is to reconnect yourself. You do not feel that type of joy when you break the laws of Allah Ta‘ala. However, in order to reach such a level you need spiritual refinement and maturity.

5. So you will have to mould the child and give him those colours. Presently, what we want is that the child must make more money and become a money making machine. So you will get that financial security etc., but you will not get a true human out of him. The hadeeth says that earning a livelihood is an obligation; however, this is after all other obligations have been fulfilled. So you have a physical obligation, but it is after completing the obligations that are connected to the aakhirah. But we have turned it around. Regarding the obligations connected to aakhirah we treat them as by the way. When one gets up in the morning, the first thing he feels that he needs to do is to go to his farm, or his business; the child feels that he needs to go to school and college etc. However, it will only be perhaps after school that the mother will then ask him, “Have you read your namaaz?”

6. Allah Ta‘ala says in the Quraan: “Don’t decrease others in their dues.” One level is in an employer employee relationship. The employee should give a little more time, 5 – 10 minutes more so that no doubt remains whether the employer’s rights were fulfilled or not. Later one will not feel that uneasiness. The uneasiness you feel is as a result of the black spot that settles on your heart. If you wash it away quickly then the uneasiness will disappear. Another evil is that sometimes in overcoming a wrong we commit another wrong. For example, we took something from someone without him knowing and we did not return it. Later, we then just ask him for a general maaf. So this is deception in a deception.

7. Look at the progress of man; he has reached heights that had not reached before. But what was all this for? The satisfaction and peace of mind. But has it been gained? The more we progress, the greater the problems and lesser the solutions and we are still uneasy. A person needs security, so he gets the best of flats and security systems, but he is still uneasy. This is as a result of breaking that line with Allah Ta‘ala. On the other hand, a normal labourer who is only paid a meagre 100 Rands a day; he gets so happy and satisfied. He goes to sleep under a tree without any fear and worry. So who is better and enjoying a better life.

Hence, in essence, we need to clear our path with Allah Ta‘ala. Normally we will go to a doctor for health reasons, to a lawyer for law related problems etc. So when we have a problem in our connection with Allah we need to ask and find out. We cannot leave it or embark on correcting it by ourselves.

8. When you gain the connection then you cannot reverse it and then the slightest amount of uneasiness will not be tolerated. At any given time one needs to check, is it secure or interrupted. We need to see that we started the journey of life from Him, so when we return how are we going back? Hence, this is what tasawwuf is about; to maintain that relationship with Allah Ta‘ala and to secure it. Once you pass on, then there will be no person who can be of any help. Therefore, check what security have you got for that end. So the easy way is to start to take an account of yourself before the final accounting. Hence, engage in muraaqabah. Muraaqabah is to engage the mind in a thought that will take you to the right end. Before sleeping ponder, how will you be in the grave and then think how will you fare with your actions.

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