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Our Attachment to the Hereafter


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 21st March)

1. This universe is going through a change all the time. Thus, it is a sign of it not being eternal. The whole universe is going through a change and even scientists agree to it. The sun is even going through a change. So when it is coming to an end then what is the way forward? Don’t attach your heart to it. Rather attach it to something eternal. For example, if you have a property to lease and you have an anchor tenant who will be renting for 50 years, you will definitely hold on to it for you can foresee the returns and profits. But if you know that the tenant will be there for only 6 months then will you invest your money there?

2. From birth you go through so many changes. As a baby you are totally helpless. Then at 6 or 9 months changes begin to appear and you start moving around. Then the child becomes an infant and begins going to school and crèche. Then as one gets older and develops strength and power this same helpless baby starts claiming that who is greater than me. However, after some time the strength and power fades away. So this is the law of the universe that everything reaches its peak and then declines. The only thing that will continue is the Aakhirat.

3. In Jannat there is nothing such as termination and ending – maa lahaa min nafaad. The taste of things will never end. It will just be one excitement to another, one enjoyment to another. Everything is just continuing and each one is different from the other. In this world, even when a person gets married, that enjoyment is not lasting.

The second aspect in Jannat is that there is no exhaustion – la yamassuna feehaa nasabun. In this world, you stay awake the whole night enjoying yourself, but by the morning you are tired.

The third feature in Jannat is that you will not want to move out – laa yabghoona ‘anha hiwalaa.

The fourth feature is that there will be nothing that will be painful, whether real pain or made up.

So if you want to invest then this is what a real investment plan is. Otherwise, in other things you will have to undergo the pain of separation, whether it is the separation of your wealth, health, or energy. When a person works towards this then he experiences and understands the dullness of this world and the enjoyment of the Hereafter.

4. The gist is that where are we putting our hearts. This can be understood through an illustration. In this world everything goes well if it is in proportion. If the tyres in a car are inflated in proportion, then the car can move smoothly. If all vitamins in the body are balanced then one will enjoy life, otherwise life will be difficult. By the same token, you are in a marital life and you want it to be well. So the proportion of attachment and affinity needs to be right between the people that you have in your life. If you do not give quality time to your wife and more time to work then this will cause instability and your life will be rocky. Moulana Thanwi (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) used to say that the fight between the husband and wife is the root of all fights.

5. There are two dimensions in life, the outer and the inner. The outer can be polished and corrected at any time if it is not right. However, this is not the case with the inner. The trauma and uneasiness you experience is completely in the hands of Allah Ta‘ala. If you break the peace with Him then He will take away the peace from you. This material is fleeting.

6. Make peace with the people in your home and you will get your peace. You want to know why they are not listening to you and you want to use your reasoning to solve it, but it will not bring any peace to you. You need to get your line in order with Allah Ta‘ala, and this will come by taking care of His servants. A person takes his wife to the shop, forcing her to do something that she does not want and if she refuses then she is threatened with divorce. This is how a person destroys the peace in his life and ends up having to take sleeping tablets etc.

7. If you take care of the servants of Allah Ta‘ala and maintain the line with Him then Allah Ta‘ala will throw to you opportunities. These Buzurgaan-e-deen have understood deen better than us. So listen to what they say and follow what they did. Don’t use your own intelligence and reasoning.

8. As we have understood the need to distribute our love and affinity between our wives and others, then the same needs to be applied to the attachment we have for this world and the Aakhirat. If the proportion is incorrect then things will not move smoothly. You will need to attach 10 percent to the dunya and 90 percent to Aakhirat. Otherwise, if the opposite is found then the dunya and the things of the dunya will influence your deen and they will make your decisions. If your attachment is to the Aakhirat you will be able to say no to interest and whatever is not in conformity to deen. If this is not the case, then the ride to the aakhirat will become very difficult.

9. Another illustration to understand the attachment we should have with the dunya is that you should imagine yourself being constipated for a few days. Due to the discomfort you made some du‘aa and you were able to relieve yourself. Now that everything has come out you will not advertise to others as to how much came out. So this is like the wealth we have. Don’t talk about it and brag about it and show others how much you have. In fact Allah Ta‘ala curses such people who go on counting and advertising before others. It is as if you are saying that I got a toilet here and another one there. This is the type of affinity you need to have with wealth; keep it to the point of need, not to the point of greed. When you have this type of a balance you will then be longing to meet Allah Ta‘ala and He will be longing to meet you. 

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