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Remaining Firm on One’s Ma’mool and the Acquisition of Barkat


(Highlights of Mufti Ebrahim Salejee’s majlis - Saturday 1st August)

1. Shaikh-ul-Hind (rahmatullahi ‘alaih), the ustaad of Moulana Thanwi (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) once visited Moulana Thanwi (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) at a time which Moulana had set aside for preparing a kitaab. Moulana was confused as to what he should do at that time, whether to attend to his ustaaz or continue with his work. Hence, he presented this matter before his ustaad. Hazrat Shaikh-ul-Hind replied that don’t leave out any of your ma’mool (routine work) on account of my presence. So Moulana went to do his work, but his mind was still in deep thought about doing the khidmat of his ustaaz. Therefore, he did a little work and returned to remain in the company of his ustaaz. We learn from here that when we have a ma’mool then we should stick to it even if we cannot complete it entirely. The reason for this is that by stopping it the barkat will no longer be there. Hazrat Mufti Mahmood Sahib (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) used to say that if one has a ma’mool of mutaala‘ah (studying a kitaab) and one day’s mutala‘ah is left out then this will affect a person for forty days. Even if it is reading the book again and again, for every new reading will bring about more lessons.

2. It is the system of the world that you will go through some struggle. Many people comment and say that they do not want to listen to things about azaab and punishment. But the simple thing is, how is the system of the world going to continue without azaab and punishment? If there is a traffic officer who is lenient, there will be no system and order and there will be problems on the road. But if they take a hard stance there will be no problem, so it is logical. Every country has a law system and they are very strict. In the absence of these laws everything will happen. 

Just as how you need a strict law in this world you need a strict law in the hereafter, otherwise those who are intelligent and smart will know how to bypass the law. But if the hereafter has a system then even if he bypassed the system in this world he will not be able to do anything in the hereafter. So the hereafter does have a system and no person can bypass it. Every person will have to pay for the wrongs that he has done. Some say that there must only be the spirit of love even in the hereafter. However, by Allah Ta‘ala the system is Qiyaamat and judgement.

3. The literal meaning of barkat is ‘abundance of good’. It can come in a few rands wherein Allah Ta‘ala places abundant good. There was an ailing father who had a few sons. They agreed among themselves that the one who looks after the father and does not work in the business will not get a share of the business. One brother agreed to serve the father. Eventually the father passed away and this particular son did not receive anything. Hence, he began experiencing constraints. In a dream he sees someone telling him to get money from a certain place. He asked that person whether there was barkat in it and he replied in the negative. On the second night, he had a similar dream again and he asked if there is barkat in it, and for the second time the person replied that there was no barkat. On the third night he saw the same dream. This time when he asked, the person replied that there is barkat in the wealth. Thereafter this son retrieved that wealth and found a lot of goodness in that which he retrieved.

4. Sometimes we create an artificial picture before our children that life is always good, whereas we need to discuss with them about the reality of life; the difficulties that people face, death, sickness, etc. If we do not do so then they will be totally devastated when they face such problems. Therefore, we will have to mentally prepare them.

5. Sometimes a woman will give a suggestion to do this and that, but we have to think before accepting it. Many a times we put ourselves into problems because we accepted their suggestion without thinking over it. For example, at the time of a wedding she will want it to be done in a certain way. But where will you get the money from? So you will love them, but not more than Allah Ta‘ala. We should not let women become an impediment in our path to Allah Ta‘ala. They may say or do something that may irritate you etc. but you need to endure it and it is a test for you. However, at the same time we need to realise that it is on account of this woman that our imaan is safe and we are saved from haraam, our minds do not float around. They themselves have a lot of chastity. So forgive, overlook and cover their faults. Don’t wait for them to become perfect.

6. Normally barkat comes when you listen to your seniors with constancy. One is the routine and the other is to listen to the elders. They may have their differences among themselves, but we should not get involved in that. We should just continue with the work. The differences will sort themselves out.

7. When a person has the true contact with Allah Ta‘ala then he will not worry about getting involved in problems and fights, for the love of Allah Ta‘ala will be more important to him. Allah Ta‘ala speaks of His special servants that when people address them in an evil fashion then qaaloo salaama – they say words of peace. One meaning of this is that they make du‘aa of peace for that person and the other meaning is tasallum i.e. to look for a way to avoid any problem and confrontation. This is the sign of a real Allah-wala. It may seem that you are a coward and a man of no determination, but it brings you peace. If you engage yourself in the problem and begin quarrelling, you will eventually be devastated by it and you will have no concentration in your salaah and other ‘ibaadaat. Further, your conscience will trouble you that you may have ill-treated the next person. Therefore by staying away you will be mentally relaxed and at total ease.

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