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Three Elements of Good Character

Summary of Hadhrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb's after Asr majlis on the 20th of Ramadhaan 1433

The essence of righteousness is two:

  1.  Fulfilling the commands of Allah Ta'ala and abstaining from his prohibitions becoming natural.
  2.  Good character.

Good character has been summarised into three:

  1. Having a smiling countenance – One should smile when he is required to, eg. with his wife, children etc. Not in the wrong places, like with strange women.
  2. Not hurting/harming others. This should commence first with one's close circle, ie. his wife, children and immediate family.
  3. Spending goodness on others – This refers to any type of goodness, eg. wealth, time, advice etc.

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