Innovations in Deen

Summary of Hadhrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb's morning majlis on the 24th of Ramadhaan 1433

The only religion which has remained in it's pure and original form is Islam. No other religion enjoys that privilege for the simple reason that with the passage of time people began to add things into their religions which had no basis whatsoever, and there was no one to weed them out. As a result it became difficult for them to differentiate between original and innovated. However Allah Ta'ala has taken the responsibility upon himself to preserve this Deen of Islam in it's pristine condition. Therefore he sends revivalist in every century who will trim and shave off the innovations that people introduced. 
The Ulama explain that innovations are worse than sin, because sin is such that the perpetrator regards it to be wrong and may repent one day from his crime. Whereas he regards an innovation to be an act of virtue, hence he will never make Taubah from it.

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