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Morning majlis – Sunday 12th Ramadhaan / 21st July

Highlights of Hadhrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb's Majlis

1. Often these questions are raised that why did Allah Ta‘ala stipulate more for a man to receive as inheritance as compared to a woman? Or why are there 4 rakaats in the Asr salaah and 3 in Maghrib? Some regard these questions to be a sign of intelligence whereas they are actually a sign of weakness of faith. Primarily such objections are made either because of a lack of true love for Allah Ta‘ala or alternatively because of a lack of respect. 

2. There are many things which are possible, looking at the supreme power of Allah Ta‘ala, but are not normally achievable, e.g. A man at the age of 95 who has a host of health complications is anxious to come first in a marathon. The secret behind a happy life is in not going behind these things, since it would bring endless discomfort to us and others. 

3. When trying to achieve something, never project a figure. This projecting brings about 2 problems, (1) You will become despondent and very soon fall into a depression, and (2) Out of frustration you will begin to fight with everyone. The state of the mind should rather be:  “I will work and then be happy with whatever I receive. If I don’t receive enough, tomorrow is another day. I will try again.” In this way you will remain happy as well as those around you. But when you project too much then initially you hurt yourself. And with time you want that hurt to fall on others as well. You then get gripped with jealousy and begin to run others down etc.

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