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Morning majlis – Monday 20th Ramadhaan / 29th July

Highlights of Hadhrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb's Majlis

1. When wealth becomes a person’s goal and primary objective then unfortunately he adopts any and every means possible to acquire it. Regardless of whether it is halaal or haraam. Rasulullah (sallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) mentioned: “Love of the world is the root of all evil.” Love here refers to an inordinate one. Such an obsession for wealth that a person does not discriminate between permissible and impermissible. He doesn’t spend his wealth on others through compulsory and optional charities and in some instances the person does not even spend on himself. His only concern is to increase whatever he possesses. This is such a mentality which brings nothing but misery and anxiety to a person in this world as well as the next. To illustrate this as an incident is narrated of a king who made a public announcement that whoever comes to me tomorrow morning at a certain time I will give him whatever he asks of me. Everyone came and as per his promise the king gave them whatever they asked for. However one person came late. He also requested something, but the king told him that the time has elapsed and the offer is now over. He pleaded and the king felt sorry for him. He made him an offer that he has 3 hours to run as far as he can. Whatever amount of land he covers in that time will be his. So not wasting a second this man began to sprint as fast as he could in order to achieve maximum gain in minimal time. Within half an hour he covered a considerable distance but he was huffing and puffing and out of breathe. He thought to himself “I have a bargain here which I cannot afford to lose. So come what may I have to carry on.” He continued running for the next half hour but was now even more tired. Again he thought I have to carry on. He now reached a stage where he could no longer run, so he began to walk. After some time he could no longer walk so he began to crawl. Exerting himself for over 2 hours in the intense heat and suffering from extreme thirst his body could not cope, hence he dropped dead there and then. Neither did he cover the land he desired, nor was he able to enjoy the land which he toiled to death for. Had this man being content with what he received in the first half an hour, he would have been far better off. But this quest for more had the better of him and caused him to lose out miserably.

2. The fitnah of this age is that everyone runs behind figures, whether it is a figure of a woman or money figures. Whereas the more important thing is what is inside the figure and not the figure itself, e.g. when purchasing a house or car, we don’t suffice on merely the paintwork or colour, rather we look if the home is spacious and convenient, and the car is mechanically sound. These internal aspects motivate and prompt us to then make the purchase, not merely the outer shell. Similarly is the case with woman. We run behind a woman with the perfect figure and in turn totally ignore inner perfection and character. Whereas those internal habits are actually the things we are going to value and appreciate with time, her service, attitude, loyalty etc. The beauty, charm and adornment must eventually fade away one day. On the other hand the effect of noble traits and qualities continue after death. The same applies to wealth. Our focus has to be on what’s inside and not on the outer shape and figures of wealth. At times, outwardly the figures maybe as long as telephone numbers but inwardly it lacks the fundamental aspects of being halaal. So it can bring no joy and comfort. Rather it will open up a can of worms. On the contrary wealth which outwardly seems to be little as far as figures and digits are concerned, but is completely pure and halaal, brings tons of relief and benefit. It also becomes a means of contentment for the one utilizing it. He always feels from within himself that I posses much more than what I need.

3. Daily we hear of the depression rate just going on the increase. It got me thinking to what is the solution to this? The following hadeeth came to mind: “Show mercy to those on earth, and in turn the one in the sky (Allah Ta‘ala) will show mercy to you.” The remedy is so simple, i.e. bringing some joy and cheer to the next person. This in actual fact is the fundamental teaching of Islam. The pious servants of Allah Ta‘ala are not only kind to their friends rather they do not bring any hurt to the heart of even the enemy unnecessarily. They aspire not to bring hurt to even an animal. One buzurg purchased sugar and brought it home. On opening the parcel he noticed an ant. He realised that this ant got into the sugar at the shop he purchased it from. Hence he took the pain of going all the way back in order to return the ant to its colony only out of this concern that it may have felt hurt being away from its folks. Although this is not something we need to emulate, the point to take note is that what level of kindness flows through these people’s hearts. We may not be able to match the kindness and good nature of others. But we should do what we can. If we cannot do everything then at least we can do something. Even if it be a kind word to an orphan or someone who deserves love and compassion. We might find the bathroom in an unpleasant state, why not do others a favour and clean up whatever we can? All that is required of us is to show some consideration. Think and be considerate. One youngster who was about to get married came to me. Unfortunately he had the bad habit of smoking. I asked him: “How would you feel if your wife came to you with a foul smell emanating from her mouth.” He replied that it would be heart breaking. I told him: “Then how do you expect her to tolerate the disgusting smell of cigarettes emanating from your mouth?” All we are required to do is use our minds and show some consideration to others. Islam teaches us to bring cheer to someone’s heart, to be kind to others and not to only be concerned about me and my children. By adopting this attitude your future becomes bright. Your children turn out to be pious because there are so many people making du‘aa from their hearts for you. This approach attracts mercy, love and security from above.

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