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Asr majlis – Wednesday 22nd Ramadhaan / 31st July

Highlights of Hadhrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb's Majlis

1. The elder of the home is required to be a few steps ahead of the rest of the family in Deeni issues. The child feels that whatever my parents do is right. If the parent is chatting on his cell-phone secretly, or has a casual relationship with the opposite gender, the child feels that there is nothing wrong in this. The child then lands up in committing major wrongs and vices. Therefore the parent needs to be extremely careful, even in the choice of words. 

2. Many a times a child cannot concentrate on his studies because of the parents fighting and screaming at each other at home. This should never happen in front of the children as it has a very negative effect on them. If one spouse behaves incorrectly, the other needs to act responsibly and defuse the problem. In fact as spouses we should not be fighting and screaming at each other even in the absence of the children. 

3. As long as the child is not married, there has to be complete transparency between him and the parent. The child cannot be left free to do as he pleases without any rules and restrictions. Together with conducting ta’leem daily, we need to spend quality time with them, in which we take some report from them regarding the day’s happenings. In this way they would be able to discuss their problems with us and we would know what is running through their minds and be able to correct that which requires correction. If the child is given the correct direction, together with been fed halaal, insha-Allah it would come out straight. 

4. The father also needs to play a role in upbringing the child. He cannot expect the mother to do everything. Generally the father feels that my responsibility is only to make the money, and the mother feels that I need to see to the physical well-being of the child. In this way the child’s soul and moral upbringing is totally neglected.

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