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Asr majlis – Thursday 23rd Ramadhaan / 1st August

Highlights of Hadhrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb's Majlis

Every person has his own idea of tasawwuf, and very few take the pains to find out what it really is? Tasawwuf basically comprises of 3 elements:

1. Constant obedience of Allah Ta‘ala: A person does not do anything which amounts to the disobedience of Allah Ta‘ala, whether it be a minor sin or a major one. He keeps his heart clean of all evils, like pride, jealousy, etc. This is far greater than merely engaging in nafl ‘ibaadat together with indulging in sins or having a corrupt heart. Shaitaan worshiped Allah Ta‘ala for seven hundred thousand years, yet he was rejected. This was because his intention for this ‘ibaadat was corrupt, i.e. to receive the position of vicegerency on earth. This was his hidden agenda although it only surfaced after so many years.

2. Good character: The gist of good character is that a person behaves in such a way that both Allah Ta‘ala and the creation are pleased with him. This is the basic definition of good character, not that you just give the person a smile on the outside, whilst your heart is full of ill-feelings towards him. An example of good character is that a person comes to the musjid for salaah and is considerate when parking his vehicle. If he parks inconsiderately in order to get the first takbeer or first saff, he may be trying to please Allah Ta‘ala, but he is displeasing his fellow brother. Hence this is not in keeping with good character. 

Once a man entered a musjid to make zikr and found that there was a traveller who was sleeping there. He was snoring so loudly that he could not concentrate on his zikr. Although he reprimanded him a few times, the traveller did not stop because he was in a very deep sleep. Finally this man pulled out a knife and slit his throat. Thereafter he sat down to make his zikr with ease. Here again he tried to please Allah Ta‘ala, but hurt the creation. This is against good character. Furthermore, this person had misunderstood tasawwuf, because he felt that was only about completing zikr, and had totally disregarded the aspect of good character.

3. Remembrance of Allah Ta‘ala: This could be done in different ways, e.g. reading the tasbeehaat, the morning and evening du‘aas, the various masnoon du‘aas for different occasions etc.

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