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Asr majlis – Thursday 12th Ramadhaan / 10th July

1. The hadeeth teaches us to have system in our life. Any collective or individual work requires system and planning. We need to prepare for a situation before it arises. Despite Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) being the leader of the Mutawakkileen (those who have trust in Allah Ta‘ala) he wore a double armour at the occasion of the Battle of Uhud. However our trust should not be on our planning, rather on Allah Ta‘ala alone.

2. Everything requires a superior and a head, be it a country, town or even a home. Hence Allah Ta‘ala in His divine wisdom has made men rulers over women. This is not for the man to express his position, rather for him to take extra responsibility and arrange more serious affairs due to his superior mental and physical strength.

3. A major cause for marital problems presently is that we are paying more attention to education than application. When a girl is sixteen or seventeen, she is supposed to be settling down, but now the focus is that she must complete her studies. Therefore she does not get any training in house work, because in the school or madrasah the entire focus is on completing a syllabus. Then when she comes home the mother feels that my daughter is so tired, so she doesn’t ask her to do any work. When she does not receive this practical training from her mother, she does not become the bundle of joy for her husband which the hadeeth speaks about.

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