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Asr majlis – Friday 13th Ramadhaan / 11th July

1. Everyone desires that his du‘aas be answered. In principle, every du‘aa is answered, however the manner of answering varies. We should not question this, rather we should leave it to Allah Ta‘ala. The beauty of life is to move with the flow. Many wisdoms of the plan of Allah Ta‘ala are only understood after time. Allah Ta‘ala wants to test our endurance.

2. Everything looks good in its place. We are slaves and our duty is to accept. We need to understand this position and place of ours and be happy with the decision of Allah Ta‘ala. We should not be questioning the reasons behind His commands as this is a sign of the lack of imaan and love.

3. The banks survive 95% on the greed of people. They first incite a person’s greed and aspiration through advertising. Then when the person aspires for it and cannot afford it they say that we are here to help you. If everyone had to be content with his lot and live according to what he can afford, these banks would have never survived.

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