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Asr majlis – Saturday 14th Ramadhaan / 12th July

1. In the earlier times, people gained the proximity of Allah Ta‘ala through the tilaawat of the Quraan Majeed, nafl salaah and zikr. Equal emphasis was placed on all three. However in latter times more emphasis is placed on zikr. The reason for this is that when the body lacks something, it first needs to be strengthened before it can take benefit from all the nutritious foods. Similarly the spiritual self first needs to be strengthened through zikr, before it can derive full benefit from tilaawat and nafl salaah. 

2. The madaaris face a major dilemma in today’s times. On one hand they need to educate the child and nurture him correctly without compromising on deen in any way. They need to instil in him the inner dimension of Islam as well. On the hand when the child goes home he sees something totally different. Now the child is confused and grows up with a split personality. Together with this the environment is so bad. Therefore we find so much of wrong taking place in the madaaris as well. If the madrasah has to be firm the child runs away. So what must they do? This is a community problem and not only the madrasah’s problem. Hence everyone needs to be concerned about it. The first step is that we cannot be complacent; rather we need to understand that we are facing a major problem. 

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