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Asr majlis – Monday 16th Ramadhaan / 14th July

1. Every servant and creation has some connection with Allah Ta‘ala because of which it is blessed with existence. When this connection terminates, it seizes to exist. Thereafter every believer enjoys a connection with Allah Ta‘ala because of which he remains in imaan. Then there is an even more special connection with Allah Ta‘ala. In order to acquire this special connection, one has to do something special as well.

2. Special relationships and privileges in this world are short-lived. They are only there till the person is in a certain position. However when it comes to Allah Ta‘ala, then once He has declared His pleasure for someone and ushered him in, there is no termination, rather it is perpetual.

3. There are certain actions the rewards of which continue recurring all the time whatever condition the person may be in, like imaan, being in nikaah and keeping a beard. This person may be sleeping also, but his rewards are continuing. However the opposite is also true. If a person does not keep a beard, then he will be in sin all the time. He could be in salaah or tawaaf but still sinning.

4. One of the benefits of being in nikaah is that a person’s imaan is safe, since his mind does not wander all around thinking about other women. So the wife is like a fort for one’s imaan. Now when she is guarding your greatest asset, you are supposed to be extremely good towards her and overlook her shortcomings.

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