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Asr majlis – Thursday 19th Ramadhaan / 17th July

Highlights of Hadhrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb's Majlis

1. The philosophers used philosophy in order to defend and promote their wrong beliefs. Hence the ‘Ulama of their time had to learn philosophy and use it to combat them and save the beliefs of the masses. Likewise, in every era there would be deviant groups that would try to deface the true deen. It would be the responsibility of the ‘Ulama of that age to explain the reality to the people so that the deen that is passed on to the coming generations is not diluted and distorted. The ‘Ulama cannot become over awed by the abundance of wrong or by the large number of its perpetrators.

2. When the ‘Ulama explain the wrong in anything, they cannot be blamed for causing problems. Just as a doctor only declares that a person is dead, they only explain that certain acts constitute kufr. Hence one cannot blame them that they are making the people kaafir. Otherwise he would have to also say that the doctors are killing the people.

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