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Night majlis - Thursday 20th Ramadhaan / 17th July

Highlights of Hadhrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saheb's Majlis

1. The hadeeth speaks of du‘aa being the essence of ‘ibaadat. In fact, one hadeeth states that du‘aa itself is ‘ibaadat. Apart from the various forms of ‘ibaadat that we do, we still need a way to secure the favours of Allah Ta‘ala. So this is through du‘aa.

2. Allah Ta‘ala teaches us the manner of du‘aa via the incident of Zakariyya (‘alaihis salaam). The first aspect is that it was “nidaa-an khafiyya” – he was not shouting out to Allah Ta‘ala and demanding from Him, rather it was silent with humility. The second aspect is that he expressed his weakness and inability – “My bones have become feeble and my hair has turned white.” We also need to show our weakness to Allah Ta‘ala, that we are always in need of Him. The third aspect is that we build our hope in Allah Ta‘ala – “I have never been turned down by You, O my Rabb.”

3. Du‘aas are always answered, they are never rejected. It is just that some du‘aas take time to materialise. It is like different seeds that you plant. Some may take one year to bear fruit and some may take ten to fifteen years. One should therefore go on begging from Allah Ta‘ala. And Allah Ta‘ala loves the tears of His servants. Therefore, at times there is a delay in the du‘aas being answered.

4. The hadeeth says that the best person is he whose sustenance is just enough, it is not too much nor is it too little. In this lies one’s safety. If it was too much then it can lead to haughtiness and pride, and it has a negative impact on one’s children.  With an abundance of wealth, they become lazy and end up as delinquents. Likewise, if it is too little then one will begin stretching out his hand before others. But if the sustenance is just enough allowing a person to break even, then his heart is at ease, he has humility and his children also turn out to be hardworking.

5. We speak of succession plans and security plans, but the best is what Allah Ta‘ala grants. Zakariyya (‘alaihis salaam) asked that his child be “radhiyya” – Lovable, i.e. beloved to Allah Ta‘ala and the people. If a person is loved by all, his family members and outsiders, then even if he does not have material security plans, but the warmth that he will receive will be far greater.

6. We see and listen to the reports of the oppression being meted out to the Muslims in various parts of the world and we then take out processions and marches. But it makes no difference. What we really need to do is beg Allah Ta‘ala for His assistance and aid. Further, we will have to behave and conduct ourselves in such a manner that we find a place in the hearts of the rulers.

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