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Asr majlis – Saturday 21st Ramadhaan / 19th July

1. The goal and ambition of a believer is to link up with Allah Ta‘ala. Everything else in his life is by the way. The example of this is that if a person has a very smart looking phone, but no connection, it is worth nothing. On the other hand, if his phone is not so smart looking, but it has all the connections, it is of benefit. The hadeeth teaches us that two things are very effective in connecting us with Allah Ta‘ala: (1) Silence, and (2) Good Character.

2. It is very disgusting to see people laughing, joking and talking in the qabrustan (graveyard). This is a time for deep reflection and du‘aa for the deceased. This behaviour is also being very inconsiderate to the family of the deceased. How would you feel if your near one passes away and people behave in this manner?

3. Once you pass away, people will remember you for the good you did to others and not for your good clothes, good home etc. We need to be kind and spend on others and not only worry about ourselves. If we take our children to visit our relatives and the sick, they will understand that this also their deeni duty.

4. The people of the past had some very good values. Although certain things were not right, by and large their conduct was flavoured with the Islamic spirit. Two things were outstanding in the women of the past. One was that if they prepared something special, they would share it with their neighbours and relatives. The second thing was that their dressing was extremely modest. These two things are becoming extinct nowadays and we need to revive them. 

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