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Night majlis - Friday 21st Ramadhaan / 18th July

1. If we develop the true love of Allah Ta‘ala then deen will become extremely easy to practice and we will be able to overcome all hurdles.

2. In the world, the system of Allah Ta‘ala is that there is a source for everything and one will have to respect that system. If you wish to acquire secular education then you will enrol in a school and go to university. A person wishes to become a doctor, he will go to medical college. Likewise, for acquiring piety you will have to sit in the company of the pious.

3. Allah Ta‘ala’s mercy is unrestricted and limitless. It is like an ocean without shores. His mercy is for everyone.

4. People of the past would give up their comforts and riches to attain piety. However, for weak people like us who cannot make such a drastic change, then there is still a chance for us as well. The hadeeth speaks of those with whom Allah Ta‘ala is pleased. They are the ones who lie on their soft cushions and beds but they still remember Allah Ta‘ala.

5. When a person expresses remorse and regret over his wrongs, Allah Ta‘ala becomes extremely pleased with such a person.

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