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The Majaalis (programmes) of Hadhrat Moulana Muhammad Ilyas Patel Saahib are held on Tuesdays in Mobeni before or after Esha Salaah depending on the season. Hadhrat Moulana also conducts other programs at various venues weekly. These programs will also be made available for Downloading, Insha Allah.

All files are in MP3 format. You will need Windows Media Player or any other MP3 player to listen to the file once downloaded. You may need to Right Click the Link and choose "Save Target As" to first save the file to your PC.

Advices of Luqmaan (Alayhis Salaam)


Monday, 05 March 2012 09:21

Majlis of Hadrat Moulana Ilyas Patel Saheb - Estcourt

Date: 2012-02-24

Format: MP3

Size: 13.9 MB

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NOTE: Uploaded based on Popular Demand. This Recording is of substandard Quality.


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