Importance of Intention


Saturday, 18 January 2014 17:01

(Summary of Hadhrat Moulana Ilyas Patel Sahebs majlis - Tuesday 16th January)

1. There is certainly effect in taking and using the words of Allah Ta‘ala.

2. Intention is an extremely powerful aspect.  Good intentions have beneficial effects and bad intentions have harmful effects. Intention is not something to be done casually. Instead we must train ourselves to make the right intention, repeatedly refresh the intention and bring the consciousness of ikhlaasin the heart.

3. Positive intentions:

Depending on how sincere and pure the intention will be, to that extent will there be barkat in that amal. Intention is the seed and if the seed is very healthy then it is expected that healthy fruit will grow from it. This can be seen through the efforts of our Ahlullaah and true servants of Allah Ta‘ala who have served selflessly and sincerely. Allah Ta‘ala made their words and their benefits spread throughout the four corners of the world though they may not have travelled much.

Many intentions may be made even when going to the musjid. Great rewards can be earned for each good intention, even if a person did not get the opportunity of carrying out the action.

Allah Ta‘ala divinely assists sincere mediators in a marriage dispute and similarly a sincere person who has taken a loan out of necessity, as mentioned in the Quraan Shareef and Hadeeth Shareef. Allah Ta‘ala’s divine assistance will be with them due to their good and sincere intentions. However, debts should not be taken for the sake of luxuries and for the sake of wealth creation but for the sake of need. The resolve and sincere intention must be in the heart, the means must be adopted accordingly and du‘aa needs to be made. These are all positive intentions.

4. Negative intentions

In Surah al-Qalam the incident of the people of the garden is mentioned. A pious person owned a very lush garden who had the habit of giving  large amounts of the crops to the poor. He was blessed with tremendous barkat. After time he passed away and his three sons inherited the crops. The three sons changed their intention negatively and decided to keep all the crops for themselves and prevent the poor from taking anything.

That very night Allah Ta‘ala sent a calamity that destroyed the entire field. This was the effect of their negative intention.

5. Turning back to Allah Ta‘ala

After the calamity had struck the three brothers realised their error and turned back to Allah Ta‘ala. After some time because of their sincere taubah and sincere repentance and their resolve never to do something of this nature again, Allah Ta‘ala blessed them with such a replacement that one bunch of grapes alone had to be loaded on one  donkey. This was after they rectified themselves and came back onto the correct intention.

6. The importance of saying insha-Allah was explained as a manner of expressing our total humility, inability and servitude in front of Allah Ta‘ala that we cannot accomplish anything without the help of Allah Ta‘ala.

7. We are not to sit and judge anybody but should be worried about ourselves. For some people difficulty and  hardships could be to increase their stages and reward in the hereafter.

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