Benefits of Surah Yaseen


Saturday, 01 March 2014 14:24

(Summary of Hadhrat Moulana Ilyas Patel Sahebs majlis - Tuesday 21st January)

1. Nabi (sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam) has said that surah Yaseen is the heart of the Quraan shareef. This surah is filled with the discussion of Aakhirat, day of Hashr, resurrection,  Jannah and Jahannum. In the human body if the heart is healthy then similarly the rest of the human body will be healthy. Just as the health of the body is dependent on the health of the heart, similarly this is the importance of surah Yaseen in the Quraan shareef. To the extent that a person has the concern for the Aakhirat, to that extent a person’s imaan will be healthy. To the extent that the concern for the Aakhirat will weaken, to that extent the imaan will weaken. There is nothing that can spur a person on to do righteous deeds and prevent him from doing wrong except the concern for the Hereafter.

2. The virtues and lessons of reciting Surah Yaseen daily in the morning was  discussed.

In surah Yaseen the picture of Aakhirat is portrayed. One is made to understand that this world is not the be all and end all. Every deed, good and bad, is recorded and will be brought out in the Aakhirat. When one  acts on the temptations of Shaitaan, it’s as if one is worshipping Shaitaan and forgetting about Rahman. The person who recites surah Yaseen every morning will be reminded about the picture of the Aakhirat in order to refresh the consciousness of the Aakhirat. When one recites surah Yaseen, on the one hand one will attain all the great virtues that are promised, such as all his needs of the day will be fulfilled and calamities and hardships will be dispelled. The real benefit though is that he will bring alive the consciousness of the Aakhirat.  Now every step that he will take, Aakhirat will be in front of him. The person will be constantly concerned that I must not be from that group on the day of Qiyaamah who will be addressed: “O you criminals,  stand aside” (Surah Yaseen,  v59). Hence the person will be conscious that in my business I must not be a criminal and on the street I must not be a criminal with my eyes and ears. Behind closed doors I must not be a criminal. When it comes to my dealings with my family and society,  am I a criminal in the sight of Allah Ta‘ala?

3. Shaitaan makes a greater effort on the person who is going in the right direction.  However if one remains steadfast, Shaitaan will not be able to deviate him. Allah Ta‘ala’s promise is that Shaitaan will have no effect on His true servants.

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