The abode of eternal bliss, where no pain or suffering will ever be experienced is Jannah (paradise). Jahannum (hell) is a place of non-stop punishment. This world is a mixture of pleasure and pain, happiness and grief, health and sickness and generally all types of “ups” and “downs”. Every person in this world experiences problems and difficulties. Some difficulties come as a test from Allah Ta‘ala, such as the difficulties that come upon the pious. Other problems and hardships are the result of sins.

The solution to all problems is to turn sincerely to Allah Ta‘ala. Irrespective of the nature of the problem, whether it be a financial crisis, a domestic dispute, illness, being afflicted by any jinn or whatever other problem there may be, the solution lies ONLY in drawing the help of Allah Ta‘ala. Therefore, while adopting sabr (patience) do the following:

1. Make sincere taubah (repent) and engage in excessive istighfaar (seek forgiveness).

2. Ensure that you have not transgressed the rights of people.

3. Perform all your salaah. Males must perform salaah with jamaat.

4. Ensure that you have discharged your zakaah correctly.

5. Protect yourself from all haraam – haraam actions, haraam earnings and haraam food.

6. Learn and recite the masnoon du‘aas (du‘aas taught in the sunnah) on the relevant occasions. Also spend at least seven minutes daily in one sitting and earnestly engage in du‘aa.

Together with the above one should, with the intention of following the sunnah, resort to permissible methods of treatment, as well as consult people of experience in business and other matters. Remember! Only Allah Ta‘ala can help you.