Multiplied rewards for good actions, an increase in one’s sustenance, the showering down of the mercy and forgiveness of Allah Ta‘ala… and many other bounties. These are all bonuses and gifts from Allah Ta‘ala during the great month of Ramadhaan. However, the object of Ramadhaan is to acquire taqwa (piety) as has been clearly explained in the Quraan Majeed. Taqwa can be explained in many ways. In short, it refers to becoming the true servants of Allah Ta‘ala. Transforming oneself to become the true servant of Allah Ta‘ala is what is termed as spiritual reformation.

The month of Ramadhaan is the ideal time for this reformation — wherein we have the opportunity to change our lives change for the better forever, not just for the month of Ramadhaan. In order to achieve this reformation, the vital issue is to appreciate this mubaarak month and use every moment correctly.

Doubtful and Futile

While there are numerous points in this regard that could be discussed here, much of it can be summarised in the following two aspects: Leave out everything that is futile and which is doubtful. Spend time in only those things that will certainly earn one the pleasure of Allah Ta‘ala and make the path to reformation possible.

If a person seriously gives up what is doubtful, the possibility of him becoming involved in haraam is extremely remote. Forsaking futile aspects simply means that to leave out any such aspect which, by refraining from it one will not suffer any harm in this world or in the Hereafter. Engaging in futility happens in actions, talk and even thoughts. An effort must be made to forsake all of them. Rasulullah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) is reported to have said: “It is from the excellence of the Islam of a person that he forsakes all things that are futile.” (Sunan Tirmizi #2317)

The idle chit-chat, whether in private conversations, in public or on the air, is generally at the very least futile. Very often it stoops to back-biting and other sins. We should therefore not spoil our Ramadhaan in this manner.

Also, while every moment of Ramadhaan should be spent in gaining the multiplied rewards of this blessed month, unfortunately much time is wasted on elaborate ‘Eid preparations. ‘Eid shopping, preparing ‘Eid outfits and other extensive and elaborate preparations long before ‘Eid, is not in keeping with the spirit of Ramadhaan.

In short, we should make every effort to use the time correctly. Give up the doubtful aspects and leave out the futile things. Insha-Allah the object of spiritual reformation will be achieved.