There was once a pious villager who set out on the road towards the king’s palace. People asked him, “Farmer! Where are you going?” He replied, “I am going to meet the king.” They laughed at him saying, “Leave meeting the king, they will not even allow you near the palace gates.” The pious man ignored their remarks and continued on the road towards the king’s palace. It so happened that as he neared the palace gates, the king was seated in his tower and his glance fell on the pious man. The king immediately told his men to open the gates and bring the pious villager to him. Accordingly, the pious man was led into the court of the king. The king was seated on his throne. He requested the pious man to come and sit next to him. When he sat next to the king, the king asked him, “Tell me, how can we reach Allah Ta‘ala?” The pious man replied, “Like how I reached you. I simply took the road that leads to you. When your glance fell on me, you drew me towards you.”

Thus in the same way, all we need to do is to take the road towards Allah Ta‘ala. When Allah Ta‘ala’s glance of mercy falls on us, Allah Ta‘ala will draw us towards Him. We should not concern ourselves as to when it will happen. Rather we must continue striving, thus proving our sincerity to Allah Ta‘ala.