Hadhrat Moulana Qari Tayyib Sahib (rahimahullah) mentioned that when Shaikh-ul-Hind (rahimahullah) left on the journey wherein he was imprisoned in Malta, he first came to our family home. At that time my dadi (paternal grandmother), the wife of Hadhrat Moulana Qaasim Nanotwi (rahimahullah) was still alive. He placed a chair at the doorstep of the house behind the purdah (curtain) and sat down. He then requested her to pass her shoes over to him. He took them, placed them on his head, and began crying for a long time. Thereafter he said, “I could not fulfil the rights of my Ustaadh, Hadhrat Moulana Qaasim Sahib (rahimahullah) and I am deeply regretful for this.” (Malfoozaat of Faqeeh-ul-Ummat Vol 2 Pg 399)