At times, seeing to our aged parents and in-laws, seems like a never ending trial. Although we try to do our best, it does not meet up to their satisfaction and we seldom hear a “Jazakallah” from them. The question is, “What must we do?”

It’s simple! We need to simply change our mindset. Picture our aged parents or in-laws as having entered their second childhood, which qualifies them to be excused. We need to overlook, tolerate, forgive, turn a blind eye to and pardon their words and actions.

Reflect for a moment! A mother sees to her infant child with such love and care. If the child vomits on the mother, then the mother does not become angry and shout at the child, as she understands the child to be excused. If, whilst playing with the child, the child innocently slaps the mother on the face, then the mother does not slap the child back, since she understands the child to be excused. Day in and night out, the mother is feeding, cleaning, washing and clothing the little child; and in all of this, not once does the child say, “Jazakallah mummy!” Despite this, the mother continues to take care of the child and never does she feel the child to be ungrateful or unappreciative. All this is because she understands the child to be excused. Now understand our aged parents and in-laws as having entered into their second childhood. They excused us when we were babies. Now it’s time for us to excuse them.