Moulana Muhammad Ilyaas (rahimahullah), the reviver of the effort of tableegh, was once invited to a tableeghi gathering in Muzaffarnagar. On arrival in Muzaffarnagar, he observed that the people who invited him had brought elephants to the station as they wished to form a ‘procession’ to escort him to the gathering. Moulana Ilyaas (rahimahullah) objected and explained that traveling in this manner was against the fundamental principles of the effort of tableegh. Hence, Moulana (rahimahullah) sat in an ordinary horse carriage and reached his residence.

As planned, the tableeghi gathering commenced, only for Moulana Ilyaas (rahimahullah) to learn, shortly after, that Moulana Sayyid Husain Ahmad Madani (rahimahullah) was delivering a lecture in another gathering nearby. Moulana Ilyaas (rahimahullah) immediately cancelled his lecture and instructed those present saying, “Moulana Madani (rahimahullah) has come. Everybody should go to that gathering and listen to his lecture.”

As for Moulana Husain Ahmad Madani (rahimahullah), as soon as he learnt that Moulana Ilyaas (rahimahullah) had arrived and was going to deliver a bayaan at a tableeghi gathering, he cancelled his lecture and instructed the audience to proceed to the tableeghi gathering to listen to the lecture of Moulana Ilyaas (rahimahullah).

Hence, neither did Moulana Ilyaas (rahimahullah) deliver his lecture, nor did Moulana Madani (rahimahullah) deliver his. However, they both left behind an amazing example of sincerity for generations to come. (Hazrat Madani

[r.a] Waaqi‘aat aur Karaamaat ki Roshni me, pg. 104)


1. Sincerity is the hallmark of a true believer. In the absence of this sincerity, a person in such a situation will feel hurt and think, “Why did they plan a gathering at the same time? Why are they stealing the show from me?” The sincerity of our pious elders was such that in the above situation, they cancelled their own speech and instructed people to listen to the speech of the other personality.

2. When a person is sincere, his only priority and concern is for the work of Deen to prosper. Hence, whether he receives any recognition for his efforts or not is irrelevant and does not concern him. In fact, he will prefer to avoid publicity and the limelight, preferring to remain anonymous and unknown.

3. Every department of Deen is important and necessary. Hence, our pious elders were such that even if they were attached to one department of Deen, they supported the other departments of Deen in whichever way possible.

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