It was the practice of Haaji Imdaadullah (rahmatullahi alaih) that when anything edible (e.g. grapes) were presented to him as a gift, then he would eat one grape and distribute the rest. On such occasions he would say that when something comes to you purely for the love of Allah Ta’ala, then you should most certainly partake of it, as there is noor (spiritual light) in it.

Once a pious person set out to meet another pious person. On his way the thought crossed his mind, that I am off to meet a pious person and I do not have anything to present to him. Just then he saw dry sticks on the ground which had fallen on their own from the trees above. He simply gathered a few sticks and placed them on his head with this in mind that the pious person may use them to light a fire and bake his bread. On reaching the pious person he presented the sticks to him. The pious person accepted the gift with joy and such appreciation that he called his servant and instructed him thus, “Take these sticks and keep them safely. When I die, use them to warm my ghusl water, for I have this hope that due to the blessing of these sticks my salvation and forgiveness will take place.”
[Malfoozaat of Hakeemul Ummat]

Lesson: In presenting those sticks there was no show or formality. It was given with sincerity and in the deep love of Allah Ta’ala. Thus such a gift had that special noor (spiritual light) which the pious person perceived and wished to take benefit from. We too need to come onto sincerity, simplicity, informality, and humility when presenting our gifts and it should be given with the heart immersed in the love of Allah Ta’ala.