by  Sulaiman al-Kindi 

Arrivals of Deception

Having heard much about, “The Arrivals,” I finally watched the series. I thought I could learn something, but then realised that something was amiss. I write these words to awaken the overly trusting to points which might have been overlooked.

 Unauthentic “Research”

Certain “facts” are in fact plain conjecture. Other facts which can easily be researched are simply copied and pasted without verification. For example, quotations are simply extracted from the audio, From the Shadows, including the most glaring error claiming that the Freemasons realised their error in France when they lost control of Napoleon. They therefore made certain that when they later inspired the American Revolution that they installed a Freemason, George Washington.

The producers make much of their “research” yet as Americans, they should know a basic fact that the Treaty of Paris terminating the Independence War was signed in 1783, which is 16 years before Napoleon came to power in 1799. Did the Masons then invent a time travel machine to install George Washington back in 1775? Incidentally Washington died in 1799, the year Bonaparte came to power and broke away from Masonic control. How could the French Revolution possibly have been before the American Revolution?

 If these widely available facts are mysteries to these great researchers, why should we trust them on their novel, obscure claims?

Brazen distortion of Qurān and Ḥadīth

Our interpretation of Qurān and Ḥadīth is what Allāh and His Rasūl (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) taught us, via the chain of the Ṣaḥābah (Radiyallahu Anhum), Mufassirūn and Muḥaddithūn. Aḥādīth warning against personal interpretations are well known.

Perhaps the most detailed Ḥadīth describing ad-Dajjāl is narrated by an-Nawwās bin Sam‘ān in al-Imām Muslim’s Ṣaḥīḥ, Chapter on the Mention of ad-Dajjāl. It is quite lengthy, but based on the print version where it covers 16 lines; the producers conveniently only quote a half-a-line to suit their purpose. Due to the length I only mention the relevant parts below:

 عن النواس ابن سمعان…… انه خارج خلة بین الشام و العراق ….قلنا یا رسول الله و لبثه فى الأرض قال أربعون یوما یوم كسنة و یوم كشهر و یوم كجمعة و سائر أیامه كأیامكم قلنا یا رسول الله فذلك الذى كسنة أ تكفینا فیه صلاة یوم قال لا اقدروا له قدره
An-Nawwās bin Sam‘ān (r.a) narrated….
[Rasūlullāh (sallallahu alayhi wasallam) said that ad-Dajjāl] will emerge on the road between ‘Irāq and Syria….

We asked, “O Rasūlullāh,” How long will he stay on earth?”

He replied, “Forty days. A day like a year, and a day like a month, and a day like a week, and the rest of his days will be like your days.”

“O Rasūlullāh,” we asked, “That which is like a year, will the Ṣalāh of a day suffice us in it?’

“No,” he replied, “Calculate for it according to its extent.”

The producers make the following claims:

  • Ad-Dajjāl has already emerged.
  • The first day represents his rule in England, starting in 900 of the Christian era.
  • The English monarchy started in 900. The second day represents his rule in America, starting in 1917.
  • The third day represents his rule in Palestine, starting in 2001.

The unbiased will realise:

  • England and “between Iraq and Syria” cannot be the same.
  • The continuous monarchy of England is dated from the reign of Egbert in 829. Is Arrivals deliberately lying to get their date of 900?
  • The question of the Ṣalāh, clearly shows that the Ṣaḥābah (RA) understood the prophecy to mean that a normal 24 hour day will be extended to a year.
  • This is in line with the clear, uncomplicated Dīn which Rasūlullāh (pbuh) brought us.
  • The esoteric UK-US theory seems more in line with Masonic thinking.

Let the unbiased ask, “Has there been a single day since 900, when the day had to be shortened to 24 hours and divided into 5 for Ṣalāh purposes?” Obviously this has never happened in the general world, except for the poles, which is a permanent feature. If we accept the producers’ theory, we must accept one of two possibilities: Rasūlullāh (pbuh) did not know the real meaning of his prophecy, but the producer did! The stupidity of such a belief is self-evident. Rasūlullāh (pbuh) knew the real “sophisticated” meaning but chose to toy with the Ṣaḥābah (RA) when they made their “simple” interpretation.

Allāh save us from having either of these filthy thoughts against Rasūlullāh(pbuh). We must however ask, “The producers omitted the question of Ṣalāh which tears down their argument. Was this an oversight, coincidence or something more sinister?”


A conspiracy of evil forces certainly exists, but exaggeration only serves the evil cause by making opponents seem false. This is in line with the very accusation of Arrivals against Zeitgeist – mention some truths mixed with falsehood, and the truth seems false.

An example of exaggeration is the clip showing an artist drawing, what appears to be sexual organs, but are mere curves in cartoons. The clip is well-known and the artist’s intentions are plain. His humour – however poor in taste it may be – is to shock the viewer to think he is drawing a private part and then continues to draw a bear etc. He is open about it, and there is no conspiracy. To claim otherwise, is either naïveté, dishonesty or something more sinister.

Sacrilegious depiction of sacred personalities

What kind of a Muslim depicts, not once, but repeatedly, the Mahdī as a magician from Lord of the Rings!!! In all their research did they never read Sūrah al-Baqarah, from which they would have understood that magic is Kufr?

If that is not bad enough, Arrivals has the audacity to state that Muslims are “hurt” by the Council of Nicea declaring Jesus to be God. Is it plain stupidity or hypocrisy that they portray ‘Īsā as the Kāfir king of the same movie! What are these people’s motivations?

Vilification of the Ṣaḥābah (r.a)

O Muslims, protect your faith against all sly attacks. Know that he who bears rancour against the Ṣaḥābah (RA) has cut himself from Rasūlullāh (pbuh) and has already lost the battle. Arrivals repeats the filthy lie of the Rawāfiḍ [Shī‘ah] that Mu‘āwiyah (RA) killed al- Ḥasan (RA). When it is convenient they quoted Tirmiẓī, but are silent of the du‘ā’ of Rasūlullāh (pbuh) for Mu‘āwiyah(RA) in the same book. Will you prefer a video clip over the Ḥadīth of Rasūlullāh (p.b.u.h)?

Other Rawāfiḍ beliefs The Arrivals cleverly draws one in, with facts and half-truths and then draw in the unwary with the Rawāfiḍ beliefs on the Mahdī. Yes, we believe that the family of Rasūlullāh (pbuh) has a special position of honour. Yes, we must confess that just like our other responsibilities, we have failed in this. Yes, the Mahdī will be of the sacred progeny. The Arrivals however makes no substantiation for interpreting this duty as recognising the fairy-tale Rawāfiḍ belief of the Twelve Imāms. Furthermore why these twelve, are there not other sects which follow Seven? To accept ‘Alī (RA) as First Imām is declaring Abū Bakr (RA) to be illegitimate and a usurper. The two beliefs cannot be reconciled. Arrivals opens the door to other filthy beliefs, such as the Alteration of the Qurān [Taḥrīf] and ‘Āishah raḍiyallāhu ‘anhā being an adulteress.


Even ignoring the issue whether music is permissible or not, it is ironic that Arrivals which purports to warn against the Dajjāl uses one of his main weapons – music. Is it just ironic or something more, that there is almost non-stop music? The chosen medium uses audio and video. Other documentaries will have used the audio aspect for verbal explanations. Arrivals forces the viewer to read all explanations on the screen. Audio is almost completely devoted to music. Even when the Qurān is shown, music is being played. Even when clips with some dialogue are shown, the dialogue is blurred with music. Why?

At certain places Arrivals seems to explain the evil of some music videos. Fine, but why play it at such length after the point has already been made?


Arrivals deceives us to believing that some evil must be shown for educational purposes. It labels those who disagree as “extremist.” Why then does it go to extremes like showing the almost nude woman washing a vehicle and showing pose after pose of erotic stances? One thinks that the point has been made, and it will stop, but no such luck. Arrivals deceives one to believing one is Islāmically educating oneself. One wonders how many parents might have shown it to their children in the belief that they are being warned and educated. Had there been a dialogue (already discussed) Arrivals could have mentioned how almost everything is western society is sexualised; and anyone living on this planet would have understood. If they believed that depiction was necessary, then why such excess?

Arrivals declares women not dressed according to the Qurānic junctions as “moderate” according to the teachings of Rasūlullāh (pbuh)! Allāh knows their hearts best, but whoever falls for this video has weakened towards the Dajjāl.


Arrivals makes much about how religions have been infiltrated, but only harps on Christianity. Its quite strange that they are basically silent on infiltration in Islām. There are two forms of infiltration – individuals and groups. Ibn Ḥajar al-‘Asqalānī writes in Fathūl Bārī that ad-Dajjāl will undergo three phases. In the first phase he will present himself as a pious Muslim and will deceive even the genuinely pious into following him. Thus even senior figures in the community can be in the service of others. As we cannot read hearts, we cannot accuse (although when a senior figure can show non scruple at lying, one wonders…)

Parallel methods exist in infiltration on a group level. On this matter Arrivals makes a valid point that for the conspiracy to be implemented over centuries, a continuous Hidden hands is required. That Hidden Hand is none other than the Devil himself.

Note how he used a Jew, Saul, to pretend to convert to Christianity. He then turned a faith preaching about One God, into a different faith preaching Three gods and elevating Jesus to godhood, above his true station of Prophethood. It is no coincidence that The Jew, Ibn Saba’, pretended to convert to Islām. He managed to cleave a new religion out of Islām which cast doubt in the Ṣahābah and the Qurān as being authentic. He raised ‘Alī (RA) to godhood, above his true station of Companionship.

The Rawāfiḍ today (although most do not take ‘Alī (pbuh) as god) oppress the Ahlus Sunnah in Irān, but confer full respect on their brothers, the Jews. History testifies how at critical moments, they always assisted the enemies of Islām, such as the Crusaders and Mongols. Even if they are supposedly great warriors in freedom struggles today, consider: How they treat us once in power – investigate Irān.

If a Communist Atheist fights oppression, does that make him a Muslim? Similarly the kufr beliefs of Rawāfiḍ are not excused by war rhetoric. The Ḥadīth mentions Dajjāl’s supporters coming from Iṣfāhān. Guess where Isfāhān is? When ad-Dajjāl reaches al-Madīnah, an earthquake will expel all hypocrites who will go to him. Did you know that there are many Rwāfiḍ living in al-Madīnah?

Arrivals is correct that there is infiltration. They are just slyer than many expect.

Sulaiman al-Kindi