Hazrat Shaikh Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) once mentioned the following:

Pride is the root of all spiritual maladies and is an extremely destructive sickness. It causes a person to fall very hard (and lose all the good that he has acquired). A person should be greatly concerned about safeguarding himself from this spiritual malady.

If one has this spiritual sickness, then the cure for it is that one should, at all times, regard himself to be incapable and unworthy of any good. At all times, one should keep in mind that whatever excellence he has acquired in his life, whether it relates to the knowledge of deen that he possesses or the good deeds that he carries out, it is entirely through the grace of Allah Ta‘ala. Had it not been for the grace of Allah Ta‘ala upon him, he would have not achieved anything.

(Qutbul Aqtaab Hazrat Shaikhul Hadeeth Moulana Muhammad Zakariyya (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) pg. 468)

Source: Ihyaauddeen.co.za