When the primary focus of the human’s effort shifted towards the material things of this transitory abode, it resulted in the human being completely losing his value. As a result, human life is so cheap that blood flowing through the streets of the world has become a common sight.

Man attaches value to certain things, whereas the reality is that these things lose their value as soon as they come into contact with man. For example, consider a motor vehicle. As long as it is on the showroom floor, it will fetch its true value. Let it come into the possession of man and in just a few moments, it loses its value and becomes “second-hand”.

Let us take it a step further. If these things go into the human body, they completely lose their value, to the extent that the same human is now disgusted by them and does not want to have anything to do with them. Take the example of sweetmeats. As long as it is displayed in the deli, it holds and maintains its value. Once it enters the body of a human being, it completely loses its value, to such an extent that when it exits his body, the same human will not be prepared to even look at it, let alone touch it. In fact, he will even be prepared to pay someone to dispose of it.

Man will only regain his value through carrying out those actions which have been prescribed by none other than his Benevolent Creator.

When man invents a machine and defines its method of usage, this machine will be a means of benefit – provided it is used in the prescribed, defined manner, otherwise not.

For example, if a car worth R75 000 is used in the correct manner, as prescribed by the manufacturer; it will be of benefit to its owner. If not, the consequence will be seen in the hospital, or even worse – the graveyard. When the car increases in value and features, then in addition to an instruction booklet, the salesman will be required to explain certain features and operations of the vehicle to the buyer to aid him in benefiting from the vehicle instead of being harmed by it.

Similarly, Allah Ta‘ala has made the human being a very valuable machine, capable of great achievements. However, to ensure that the human being reaches his full potential and does not harm himself, an instruction booklet, in the form of the Quraan Majeed, was sent to mankind. Furthermore, Ambiyaa (‘alaihimus salaam) were also sent to demonstrate and explain the correct method of ‘operating’ this valuable human machine.

If man lives according to this divinely prescribed method, he will become a source of great benefit for himself and others. If he acts contrary to this heavenly prescription, he will be a means of great harm for himself as well as the world around him, as is evident today