Every effort of Deen has a code of conduct with established rules and principles. In order to be part of any effort of Deen, together with the necessary abilities and capabilities, the basic requirement is complete submission to the code and conduct. Those who submit in this way, progress tremendously. On the other hand there are those who do not wish to submit and take part in any effort of Deen. They simply object and criticise the sincere efforts of others without any valid reason. This is the easiest thing to do, as it requires absolutely no qualification. Thus, a person who has no ability or capability to do something constructive for the Deen of Allah Ta’ala, now becomes destructive by engaging himself in objecting and criticising the effort of others. Since he lacks the ability to do anything, he will now try to undo the good work of others. This happens due to the absence of submission in a person’s life. Submission paves the path towards progress. However, if making baseless objections becomes one’s habit, one’s life will be spent objecting against others, eventually leading to one’s own destruction.