By the time the average person reaches the age of forty, he goes through five phases. Each phase lasts for approximately eight years each. For the first eight years he is playing with toys. Then he starts playing with advanced games. Thereafter beauty becomes his priority, where he only wears the latest designer clothing. Then he gets married and has children. Thereafter he works to build his empire which takes him to the age of forty. After forty it is a downhill in life where he goes through a similar five phases but in reverse order. He now works to secure his wife and children. He then gets his children married. Thereafter he tries to be young again; he dyes his hair, he exercises and he eats healthy.

Then he moves into retirement and then enters into his second childhood where it is no more the walking ring, rather the walking stick; no more gums and sweets, rather tablets and the capsules and finally he comes to the stage where he cannot enjoy the pleasures of the world anymore. Often it is only at this stage that he realizes that he has wasted his life in chasing fun and pleasure and he is now proceeding empty-handed to the grave and hereafter.