If there is a disbeliever in front of us, then due to his physical presence, we will be on our guard and will not allow him to influence our mind and ways. However, there is something called the mental presence of a disbeliever. It is when a disbeliever presents to us his heart and mind in the form of words. The novels and newspaper articles that are authored and reported by disbelievers are read by unwary Muslims. Novels and newspapers are read in our free time, when our minds are relaxed and receptive. Over a period of time, we begin to develop an indirect friendship with these authors and reporters who are disbelievers.

What makes a person crave to read another novel authored by a particular author? What prompts a person to continue reading a novel or a newspaper, but finds no time for the Quraan Majeed? Reading the works of disbelievers destroys the desire of doing good. Many Muslims today will read the newspaper, digest it and relate it to others. But when the Quraan Majeed and hadeeth is presented to them, they will question and reject it. Their minds and hearts have become so poisoned with darkness and fiction that they no longer wish to accept the light and truth of Islam.

We need to abandon the poisonous friendship of novels and newspapers, so that once again we may have a Muslim mind and heart that will think and desire as a Muslim ought to.