A husband once complained that his wife does not listen to him, she leaves the home in disarray and passes her life following her desires. He was advised to start ta’leem (kitaab reading) in the home. On the first day when he opened the book to read, she grabbed her children, went in the next room, locked it and switched on the television loudly.  On the second day she did the very same thing. On the third day she needed to use the toilet. As she walked past her husband, the words being read caught her attention. She stopped, her heart was captured, so she returned to the room and switched off the television. On the fourth day the entire family sat together for ta’leem. On the fifth day she removed the TV from the home, since it was destroying her life and her children’s lives. By the sixth day she decided not to leave the home like before. Within a week the entire home changed with the blessing of ta’leem at home.