When one’s heart is inclined and intends to do some good action, then immediately the mind starts thinking: “Where is the time for it?” For example a person never used to perform tahajjud salaah. However, due to the blessed nature of Ramadhaan, Allah Ta’ala gave him the ability to be punctual with his tahajjud. Now he thinks that in Ramadhaan he found time for tahajjud, after Ramadhaan how will he find time? This thought is incorrect. The correct approach is to merely add this additional deed to the daily program. As a result together with all the other actions, Allah Ta’ala will create the time and space for it. With such thoughts, his entire life will end up passing by and he will not find the time for his tahajjud salaah. To wait for a time that is completely vacant will be sheer foolishness.