The human brain is indeed a wonderful organ. It is a reflection of the great qudrah (power) of Allah Ta’ala and the perfection of his creation. The progress man has made through his intellect is phenomenal. However, despite the progress man has made, and despite the capabilities of the human intellect, there is a point where man’s intelligence ceases. In fact scientists to this day and age confess of their inability to completely unravel the mysteries of the brain itself. As the Wikipedia Encyclopedia states, “Despite rapid scientific progress, much about how brains work remains a mystery”.

This in itself is a manifestation of the fact that man’s intelligence is limited, just as man’s strength, sight, etc. are limited. Thus, there are certain things that are definitely beyond the comprehension of man. On the other hand, the knowledge of Allah Ta’ala is perfect and complete. There is absolutely no comparison between His knowledge and the knowledge of His creation. To bring it closer to our understanding, comparing our knowledge to His, is far, far worse than a day old baby comparing his knowledge against the knowledge of the greatest thinker of all time. When this is our condition, it follows that we cannot completely fathom the reasons behind the decisions and commands of Allah Ta’ala. At times, we may ‘guess’ the possible underlying wisdom of His perfect command. But the real knowledge lies with Allah Ta’ala alone.

Furthermore, we belong to Allah Ta’ala and are His creation. He is our master, owner and creator. Every person has the right to utilise his possessions in whichever manner he deems correct. An owner can instruct his slave to do whatever work he wishes. Likewise, our most Compassionate and Kind Allah Ta’ala is our owner and we are His servants. We cannot ever question the reasons behind His commandments. Furthermore, His commands are NOT subject to our understanding and reasoning. Islam means ‘total submission’ – total submission to the commands of Allah Ta`ala and His Rasul (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam). Consider the case of a person who is in love. Without questioning the ‘benefit’ of giving a bunch of roses which will dry and wither away in a matter of days, and will eventually find its final abode in the trash, a person happily buys the roses for his wife. On the other hand, when Allah Ta’ala who has showered us with countless blessings since our birth, nay even prior to our birth, commands us with any command, then should we subject it to our feeble, weak understanding? Likewise, it is not our duty to understand the reason behind every command of Shari`ah. Rather, our duty is to learn the commands of Allah Ta`ala and fulfil them.

May Allah Ta`ala bless us all with His true love and bestow us with the ability to fulfil His every command. Aameen.