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Daily we recite or hear the proclamation of the  Greatness and Power of Allah Ta‘ala  more than a hundred times. In the azaan, salaah and at other times, we keep repeating ALLAHU AKBAR... ALLAHU AKBAR ... ALLAHU AKBAR. This is a constant reminder throughout the day that ALLAH TA‘ALA IS THE GREATEST. He Alone controls everything and has total qudrat and power over every minute particle.

Presently, Allah Ta‘ala’s qudrat (absolute power and control) is being manifested through a microscopic virus which has brought most of the world to almost a standstill. Subhaanallah! Pure is that Being to Whom belongs the entire universe. He Alone is the creator of every living being and every inanimate object. He causes the sun to rise and the moon to shine. Glory be to Allah Ta‘ala who gives life and death and Who will resurrect everyone on the Day of Judgement. 

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Pandemic: What Should I do?


Wednesday, 01 April 2020 09:16

Q: The Covid-19 pandemic has gripped the world. Please advise as to what we should do in these trying times.

A: AIndeed these are very trying times. In trying times, one must not remain casual and carefree. A carefree and heedless attitude in such situations is in fact dangerous, as it indicates indifference to Allah Ta‘ala. While it is necessary to take the necessary precautions within the limits of sharee‘ah, that alone is not going to take away the virus. There is much more to do. Hereunder are some aspects to undertake in order to treat the root of the issue:

Shed Tears before Allah Ta‘ala

Repent… repent… and sincerely repent. Shun all sin. Repeatedly make deep, heartfelt taubah and istighfaar, and shed tears of remorse and regret. Allah Ta‘ala has declared in the Quraan Majeed: “Indeed Allah loves those who constantly repent...”. (Surah Baqarah, v.222) Rasululah (sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam) has said: “The one who cries out of the fear of Allah Ta‘ala will not enter the Fire”. (Sunan Tirmizi #1633) If all of us repent sincerely, the rahmah and blessings of Allah Ta‘ala will descend upon everyone and the hardships will insha-Allah be uplifted.

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Faqeehul Ummah: Inclination to Sin


Wednesday, 01 April 2020 09:11


Bismihi Ta‘ala

Respected Mufti Saheb

As salaamu ‘alaikum

For some time now, a strange condition has overcome me. My nafs (the carnal-self) dominates me. I have a strong inclination to sin and this leaves me extremely restless. The thought continuously passes my mind as to what my condition will be at the time of death and after death. The world seems to be full of sorrow for me. After trying so much to save myself from sin, I still fall into sin. I request your du‘aas and advice to remedy my situation.

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Download Al-Haadi Volume 27 Number 3


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  Download Al-Haadi Volume 27 Number 3 (PDF)





Inspirational Advice

Divinely Apprehended

There was once a worshipper in the Banu Israaeel, who was a simple labourer, toiling with a spade in his hand. It so happened that this man was married to a woman who was among the most beautiful women of the Banu Israaeel.  

After some time, word of this woman and her extraordinary beauty reached one of the tyrant rulers of the Banu Israaeel. On learning of this beautiful woman, he sent an old woman to her with the instruction, “Turn her against her husband. Say to her, ‘Are you really happy to be married to this type of person, who works with a spade? If you were with me, I would adorn you with jewellery, dress you in silk and place servants at your beck and call!’”

Every evening, this beautiful woman would serve supper to her husband and lay out a carpet for him. However, the evening after this old lady met her and delivered this message to her, she did not serve her husband in this way, as she had changed. Her husband asked her, “What is the matter with you? Why are you behaving in this manner that I have never seen before?” His wife replied, “You are correct (i.e. I have changed).” Hence, he divorced her.

She then went to the tyrant ruler who married her. However, on the first night of their marriage, as they went into seclusion, they both suddenly became blind! Then, as he stretched his hand to touch her, his hand became paralyzed! She likewise extended her hand to touch him, and her hand also became paralyzed! Finally, they were both made deaf and dumb, leaving them with absolutely no inclination towards one another.

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