Struck by a Single Sincere Statement

The greatest genocide which the Muslim Ummah has most probably witnessed was the invasion of the Muslim lands by the Tartar army in the 7th century. During the invasion of Baghdad (the capital of the Muslim empire) alone, in the year 656 A.H., 1.8 million Muslims were massacred. (For more details regarding the invasion of the Tartars, listen to this lecture.)

Although the Tartars were extremely averse to the Muslims and their faith, the divine system of Allah Ta‘ala is such that Islam began penetrating the hearts of the offspring of Genghis Khan, the one who began this genocide. After Genghis Khan had died, his empire was divided into four denominations in different parts of his kingdom. The conversion of the leaders in the other regions began much quicker in comparison to the middle kingdom. Muslims were harassed and oppressed in the middle kingdom of the […]

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