Salaah of Women in the Light of the Sunnah


Thursday, 30 July 2015 07:07

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Allah Ta‘ala is the Guardian of His deen and He alone will protect it till the last day. As a means, in every era Allah Ta‘ala used the ‘Ulama-e-Haq and His true servants to dispel any confusion and deviation from any quarter. Thus over the centuries despite the many attacks on deen by the deviant groups, by means of the tireless efforts of the ‘Ulama-e-Haq, Allah Ta‘ala has preserved the deen in its pristine purity. This will Insha-Allah continue till Qiyaamah.

This treatise has been prepared to dispel the myth that the mazaahib of the four imaams of fiqh (viz. Imaam Abu Haneefah, Imaam Maalik, Imaam Shafi‘ee and Imaam Ahmad bin Hambal [rahimahumullah]) are not based on sound proofs from the sources of sharee‘ah, viz the Quraan, sunnah, ijmaa’ and qiyaas, in particular with regard to the salaah of females.

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Keeping a clean heart for the Ulama and Pious


Monday, 27 July 2015 09:21

Hazrat Moulana Ashraf Ali Thanwi (rahmatullahi ‘alaih) once mentioned:

Even if one does not carry out many good deeds, then at least one should try to keep a clean and open heart towards the Ulama and pious. In this way one will benefit in Deen. At no point should one ever show disregard for the Ulama and the pious, nor be adverse towards them. Showing disregard to the Ulama and the pious is extremely detrimental to one’s Deen. (Malfoozaat Hakeemul Ummat 2/123)

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Photography & Modern Challenges


Saturday, 15 December 2012 08:32

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The rapid progress of technology has provided mankind with many useful items and instruments and also created many challenges. Among the various “two-edged swords” that technology has dished out, which are in almost every person’s hands, are the cell-phone and the internet. While the benefits of these items are numerous, the misuse or abuse of the same has already resulted in havoc and devastation in many people’s lives. Therefore, everything that technology dishes out is not to be immediately grabbed with both hands. First its position in Shariah must be properly ascertained, whether it falls within the limits of permissibility or not. If it is permissible, what are its limits? Despite being permissible in principle, would its use affect other Shari’ objectives? All these aspects have to be carefully considered before any view can be expressed. In particular, the question of digital photography demands that the highest levels of caution be exercised in ascertaining its Shari’ position.


Shortcut to Gaining on Laylatul Qadr


Thursday, 09 July 2015 12:20

Hazrat Mufti Ebrahim Salejee Saahib (daamat barakaatuhum) mentioned:

Nowadays we always look for shortcuts and an easy way to get our work done. So what is the shortcut and easy way to gain the maximum on Laylatul Qadr? Two ways come to mind:

1. The night starts from Maghrib (sunset) and ends at subah saadiq. Normally we are still fresh and have control of the time between Maghrib and Esha and by the time taraaweeh is over we are tired. Hence, maximise by doing ‘ibaadat after Maghrib.

2. We are advised in the hadeeth to recite this du‘aa on Laylatul Qadr: “Allahumma innaka ‘afuwwun tuhibbul ‘afwa fa’fu ‘anni” (O Allah! You are the One who forgives and You love forgiving. So do forgive me.) Hence, in the intervals between every four rakaats in Taraaweeh Salaah, you can easily recite this du‘aa approximately 10 times.

(Stepping Stones to Reformation, pt. 2 pg. 44)


Inspirational Advice

In the Dark of the Night

When Zainul ‘Aabideen (rahimahullah) passed away, the people carrying out his ghusal saw that he had scars all over his back. They enquired as to what was the reason for that. They were told that he used to fill bags of flour, load it on his back at night, and personally hand it out to the poor residents of Madeenah Munawwarah. (Hilyatul Awliyaa vol. 3, pg. 160)


1. While the sinners wait anxiously for the night so that they may go ahead in fulfilling their evil desires and filthy aspirations, the pious servants of Allah Ta‘ala make the maximum of this ‘cover’ in doing good actions only for His pleasure.

2. Bringing ease and happiness to the servants of Allah Ta‘ala is an extremely meritorious act. After one’s demise, these very people continuously remember one and make du‘aa in his favor.

3. Actions receive their value in the sight of Allah Ta‘ala in proportion to the level of sincerity with which they were carried out. It is not the quantity of the optional actions, rather the quality which counts. 

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